Learn the authentic Soba recipe from a Soba master

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Experience a half-day soba class given by a master respected by over 8,000 disciples

Ito Sensei has been honing his craft for more than 21 years. After retirement, he decided to go back to school to learn soba from the best and quickly rose to excellence. His teacher at the time then asked him to open his own school in 1999. He did and there taught to over 8,000 students among which many became professionals opening restaurants and schools.
 Doing that he received a lot of attention from the local and national newspapers and television where he taught his techniques to many celebrities. 

His fame and technique are even international as he regularly goes overseas to teach the Art of Soba on the new continent.

Masao Ito

The Soba master

What you can expect

Go above and beyond Japanese Amateurs: Learn the soba recipe from a master who trained for over 21 years. 

Learn the real recipe

Enjoy the class in the relaxed and intimate setting of the master’s home. You will feel part of the family. 

Be welcome in his home

Taste what the perfect soba noodle taste like and compare it with your own. 

Taste master's delicious soba

What are Soba Noodles?

« Soba » is the Japanese name for Buckwheat, one of the most healthy ingredients in the world. It is one of the most traditional Japanese food and it is still very popular since the Edo period where it litteraly saved the population from the disease of Beriberi. It is majorly consumed as noodles in Japan and can be declined in a variety of ways, in a warm soup, as cold noodles with a dip sauce on the side, as a salad, etc. 

Experience the art of soba

Discover one of the most respected cooking skill in Japan with a real Soba Master. 

In an small group, be invited in his home and enjoy the opportunity of one on one coaching. 

With this unforgettable experience, learn from the best in Japan and enjoy making soba noodle for your friends and family. 

More than an interpreter, 

the TOMO help you connect seamlessly with the master

To make sure that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest, TOMOs will accompany and assist you all the way. They are your guides and interpreters, your friends and photographers. They will be the bridge between the hosts and you, making sure you don’t miss a thing. They are fluent in Japanese, English (more languages on request), but also knowledgable about travel in Japan and can answer most questions about the challenges you face here.

Forget the language barrier and enjoy the experience

Master Ito is looking forward to see you!

"Hi everyone,

I decided to open a soba-noodle school thanks to my daughter. Many years ago, I saw my daughter’s boss opening his own soba classroom after retirement. If he can, why can’t I?

Now, there are many foreign tourists and the exchange students who are interested in Japanese food culture in our workshop now.

If you are a person who is also interested in Japanese food culture, we are always here waiting for you to join!"

- Masao ITO

The Soba master with 22 years experience

Why did you start making soba?

I got interested in soba making when I met my daughter's boss who practiced soba making after his retirement. But more than anything else, his soba was truly delicious and I wanted to make soba like him!

Why do you teach soba making to tourists?

I want to pass down the real Japanese culture to travelers from abroad. Also by teaching soba, I can meet various people, and I enjoy very much talking about different topics with them!

What is the attraction of soba to you?

Soba is an art I must pursue over my lifetime. Soba turns out differently every time I make. I feel it is fascinating. Soba is my life! 

Your personal Soba Making Experience

The road to be a Soba expert with master Ito

Start from the beginning and learn the basics of Soba History and noodle making theory before diving into the dough.


Learn the history

Discover all aspects of Soba, from the seed to the flour and ultimately the noodles and how to cook and eat them. 


Study the ingredients


Master Ito Sensei will then perform a complete demonstration, and show all the secrets to a perfect plate of delicious noodles. 

Learn from the master

After watching demonstration of the master, it's time to try it yourself! Take a deep breath, and try out the taste of history!


Try it yourself!

Finally you will cook and taste the difference between your noodles and the master's noodles… Do you think you can do better than him? Let's find out!



Past participants loved the experience

"Great experience, would definitely do it again. The host was very friendly and knowledgeable about the soba culture and generally speaking Japanese food. I had a lot of pleasure making the soba and eating them. These Soba were probably the best I tried in my life: Delicious."

- Roland Haller

"These activities are really helping foreigner, for example, tourists, students who are studying in Japan, or even local people to know well about Japanese culture. And this type of tour is totally different from the typical tours.

This is an Amazing way to experience local Japanese culture and lifestyle. Instead of just visiting famous tourist spots, this tour is focus more on the root of Japanese culture and dig into more aspects deeply. The tour offers very nice experience, and you can also meet new friends."

- 余欣諳 (Taiwan)

"It was a mind opening cultural experience. I enjoyed every step of making Soba and had a great time sharing cultural differences between Japan and Sri Lanka. After all we shared similar practices but Japan does it better. The overall experience I gained is a must to have for any foreigner who are interested in the Historical and cultural aspect of Japan. Not forgetting the entertaining Host and the amicable and humorous translator made our experience like no other. I highly recommend Soba making experience for every foreigner and also not forgetting the health benefit of eating Soba. "

- Chris SILVA (Sri Lanka)

Ito Soba School

Located in Koiwa in Eastern Tokyo, Ito Soba School has been teaching some of the best Soba chefs in the region for more than 21 years. In addition to the pure level of skill, the personality, and humor of the host attracted many times the attention of regional and national television, and YouTubers. The little school is located inside the very home of the master, and the walls are covered with autographs of the numerous stars and famous people that have paid their respect to the master. Come and discover the close tiny world of Buckwheat kneading.

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Experience a half-day soba class given by a master respected by over 8,000 disciples

A Day with a Soba-Master

Any age

Age Range

4.5 Hours (11:00~)


1-8 participants

Capacity of participants

An open mind and functional taste buds

Things to bring

Adult: ¥12,100 (¥16,100 for one person)

Child: ¥6,050

Price per person

Koiwa Station, Pickup Available on demand

Only 20 minutes from Tokyo Station!


Get a full refund for any cancellation up to three days prior to the tour. No questions asked. 

Full refund policy

Book for one person

Adult: ¥16,100

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Adult: ¥12,100

Child: ¥6,050

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